Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Here - The 50th Conservative Refuge Podcast!!

A year in the making, it is the Special 50th installment of the Conservative Refuge Podcast which you can enjoy by visiting here:


In this very special installment, I look back at the purpose of the show and share our very first segment.

We share clips from our blogger contributors: Brandon Wright, Brian Griffiths, Victor Henderson, David Kyle, Jimmy Braswell, Brian Gill, Mark Newgent, Tom Gardner and many more!!

The best of our special guests Delegate Nic Kipke (R-31), Delegate Don Dwyer (R-31), MDGOP Ex. Dir. John Flynn among many others!!!

The clipmania continues with some highlights of the issues covered on the show!!

In our closing segment, I share for the first time our ratings and let you know just how many people have listened to the Conservative Refuge Podcast.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this show a success and I hope you enjoy this very special look back.

Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Guests

As we approach the 50th Conservative Refuge Podcast, another look back at the people who helped make the show what it is.
This time a look back at the many special guests who have been on the show.

As I noted early in the show's run, the Conservative Refuge has an "open door" policy inviting Republican elected officials, party leaders, etc. to come on the show to discuss an issue or promote an item of interest. Here is a list of those who, to date, have walked through that open door.

Delegate Nic Kipke (R-31) Delegate Kipke was the first elected official to come on the show. Before the 2007 General Assembly session, Nic joined us to talk about his experience being elected to the House of Delegates and his insight into the leadership debate within the Republican caucus.

Recently, Delegate Kipke came on the show again to address the controversy surrounding the Citizens for Better Government and answered the tough questions surrounding the group.

Delegate Don Dwyer (R-31) During the 2007 General Assembly session, Delegate Dwyer came on the show to discuss his efforts to defend marriage and express his concerns about the pending "gay marriage" case before the Court of Appeals.
As we discussed here, only two justices took the position Delegate Dwyer feared but with Governor O'Malley's ability to reshape Maryland's highest court and the legislature's efforts to address this issue, a lot more will be said on this subject.

Mike Dye (Annapolis City Republican Central Committee) With another special aldermanic election pending in Annapolis, we recall that two such elections held in January, 2007. Mike Dye came on the show to give us the lay of the land and let our listeners know how they could help.

John Flynn (Executive Director, Maryland Republican Party) The seemingly always controversial executive director of the MDGOP has made a couple of appearances on the show. In February, John came on to the show to discuss the plans for the new MDGOP leadership and their strategies for the General Assembly session. In June, John discussed the recent Maryland Republican convention and changes to party by-laws. In both appearances, John also answered some of his critics about the direction of the party in Maryland.

Jay Breitenbach (Anne Arundel Republican State Central Committee) Former Delegate and recently appointed central committee member Jay Breitenbach came on the show to introduce himself and to address some of the controversy around his appointment. In this illuminating interview, Jay traced his path to the party leadership and discussed his plans and goals for the county's Republican party.

Tom Hood (Executive Director, Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants) Before the recent special session, Tom Hood joined us to discuss the various tax proposals. Despite some listener skepticism at the time, Tom's prediction of a 7% sales tax proposal turned out to be prescient.

Richard Falknor (Executive Vice President, Maryland Taxpayers Association) Longtime conservative activist Richard Falknor joined our show to discuss the aftermath of the recent special session. Mr. Falknor, in his own inimitable style, expressed his frustration with anti-tax legislators who could have done more to stop things and provided an outline of how the taxpayer movement in Maryland can move forward.

All of these guests added immensely to the discussion that is the Conservative Refuge Podcast and I hope they, and many of their colleagues, join us in the future.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Blogger Contributors

This is the first in a series of posts heading toward the 50th installment of the Conservative Refuge Podcast.

As part of our look back, I wanted to mention (in no particular order) the contributors to our various blogger roundtables.

Brandon Wright Brandon was our first blogger contributor and has regularly appeared on the show. Brandon is the former President of the Anne Arundel Young Republicans, is a former aide to Congressman Wayne Gilchrest and now works as a petroleum lobbyist.

Brian Griffiths The always opinionated, often controversial and occasionally most influential blogger in the state has been a mainstay of the blogger roundtable. Brian's blog and his status as one of the original contributors to Red Maryland are the font from which his no holds barred opinions flow.

Victor Henderson The first guest blogger to make an appearance on the roundtable, Victor serves as corresponding secretary of out county's GOP central committee. Victor is a local activist and former candidate for the county central committee.

David Kyle Everyone's favorite unaffiliated constitutional expert has made a couple of guest appearances on the blogger roundtable. David is well known in local circles not only for his involvement with the Institute on the Constitution but for his prior work with Delegate Don Dwyer. Fueled by salt infused drinks and his insatiable thirst for all things constitutional, this Candid Truth author holds the distinction as the only non Republican to appear on the show.

Tom Gardner My former colleague on the county central committee, political and military veteran Tom Gardner appeared on our post session show. Tom has been a mainstay of conservative Republican politics in Anne Arundel county for decades. In addition to his military service, Tom had a long and stellar career with the MVA.

Jimmy Braswell This salmon shirt loving attorney is the author of the The Bully Pulpit and has made a couple of memorable appearances on the blogger roundtable including our discussion of the recent Central Committee fiasco and our technically challenged FredHeads United segment.

Streiff The single-named co-editor of RedState and force behind RedMaryland has to date made only a single appearance on the show. His appearance was a milestone for the show as he was the first nationally known blogger to join the roundtable. In addition, his efforts have brought together some of the state's leading conservative bloggers, many of whom have made their way to the Conservative Refuge podcast.

Mark Newgent Author of The Main Adversary, RedMaryland contributor and talk radio mainstay Mark Newgent has become a regular contributor to the blogger roundtable. His in depth knowledge, keen insight and on air presence have been a great addition to the show.

Dan Bowen Former AAGOP central committee member, longtime activist and candidate Dan Bowen appeared on the show's FredHeads United segment. Always a friend of the show, Dan's extensive experience in local politics belies his age.

Mike Netherland The always opinionated author of Mike's Nether Land and founder of the Elephant Club's The Public Square email group was an original supporter of the show and contributed to its format. Mike's sole appearance on the show, however, was on the FredHeads United installment where he adroitly pointed out how Senator Thompson's Hunt for Red October experience would be handy in a confrontation with China.

Brian Gill This GOP activist, local businessman, RedMaryland contributor and author of Annapolis Politics made a couple of appearances on the roundtable. Another in the new wave of Anne Arundel conservative bloggers, Brian covers not only the Annapolis area beat but has been bold in his challenge to the democratic representatives of this increasingly Republican area.

Looking back, this has been an impressive group of people who have contributed their thoughts, insights and opinions to the Conservative Refuge Podcast. The blogger roundtable is and will always be the heart of what the show is about.

Thank you to all of you and I hope will be a part of the next 50 Conservative Refuge Podcasts.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Refuge Podcast # 49 - Special Interview with Del. Nic Kipke (R-31)

Your source for local Conservative Republican news is the Conservative Refuge Podcast. You can listen by visiting here:


In this very special edition of the Conservative Refuge Podcast, we have an extended interview with Delegate Nic Kipke (R-31). Delegate Kipke answers the tough questions about his involvement with the group Citizens for Better Government and directly addresses concerns raised about this organization. Delegate Kipke also announces critical changes made as a result of the criticism heard on the Conservative Refuge Podcast and elsewhere.

You need to listen to this podcast to hear the latest news and the most thorough discussion of the concerns about this group anywhere.

In our closing segment, I share some closing thoughts on our interview with Delegate Kipke and update some news items you heard about only on this show. There is also a preview of our special 50th podcast.

Share your thoughts and feedback!

Spread the word!

Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast

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