Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Let's Keep the Towel Firmly in Hand

While a more erudite colleague may see defeat even in good debate performances from the McCain/Palin team, the reality is this race is essentially unchanged from where it has been all along.

It will be a close race and the "it's all over" mantra is just Obama spin that the MSM is echoing. (Folks, they did the same thing to Hillary. Unlike that race, however, they are declaring victory before any votes have been counted.)

But Greg, the polls! Three new polls taken in the last couple of days show the race remains as close as ever. CBS News poll gives Obama a 3 point lead. Reuters and Zogby International show the same three-point lead for Obama. Diageo/Hotline Daily Tracker Poll shows just a two point Obama lead. All are statistically insignificant.

But you all know the polls matter little now, have changed and will change in the next few weeks and that the race is truly far from over.

Which brings me back to the debate last night. The notion that McCain needed to hit a "grand slam" is exactly what the Obama folks wanted the storyline to be. (Last time I checked, a series of singles with the bases loaded has a better chance of winning then "swinging for the fences".) As shown, the polls have been tightening since the VP debate and the news has started to move beyond the bailout bill. What McCain needed was not to make a catastrophic error. The debate could have been more exciting but it was not he who made a big mistake.

On the other hand, Obama last night did not realize that America intervened to stop the Holocaust! What stopped it then, Senator! It was not Hitler's mercy but the Allied conquest of Germany which targeted liberation of these camps a a strategic goal. (Didn't he say he had an uncle who liberated Auschwitz?!)

It is further proof of Obama's liberal (and ignorant) worldview and his fundamental misunderstanding of history. He is a dangerous risk as commander in chief and this type of statement is just a red flag.

The MSM will not cover this gaffe any more than Biden's remembrance of FDR on television in the twenties but the conservative media will voters will be aware of it just like Reverand Wright, Bill Ayers and the growing ACORN voter fraud scandal.

This race is close and will remain so which is why the Obama camp and their allies in the media need to convince you otherwise. I don't think we need to help them by drinking their Kool-Aid.

In the spirit of using imperfect sports metaphors, let's keep the town firmly in hand.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Should Dixon be worried?

There has been some local press regarding the recent law giving the Maryland State Prosecutor additional powers.

I recently interviewed the Maryland State Prosecutor, Robert A. Rohrbaugh, Esq., for the Maryland Bar Bulletin. This is one of the few interviews Mr. Rohrbaugh has given.

While the focus of the piece was a primer on the office and what is does, interesting reading for lawyers and non-lawyers I hope, Mr. Rohrbaugh was particularly keen on pointing out his new powers now in place.

The Dixon case was specifically mentioned in the piece and on the mind of Mr. Rohrbaugh. Now that he has additional independent investigative powers, I ask the question:

Should Dixon be worried?