Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Since you brought it up

There has been a lot of talk in the local blogosphere about the celebration of Christmas and the alleged secularization of the holiday via the apostasy of holding "holiday" parties.

For a real defense of the true meaning of Christmas against the secular "Santa Claus" version I commend this post by Lutheran pastor, Paul T. Cain.

Here is my favorite part,

"The point is, the original Santa Claus (St. Nicholos of Myra) was someone who flew off the handle when he heard someone minimizing Christ. Perhaps we can battle our culture's increasingly Christ-less Christmas by enlisting Santa in his original cause. The poor girls' stockings have become part of our Christmas imagery. So should the St. Nicholas slap. Not a violent hit of the kind that got the good bishop in trouble, just a gentle, admonitory tap on the cheek. This should be reserved not for out-and-out nonbelievers, but for heretics (that is, people in the church who deny its teachings), Christians who forget about Jesus, and people who try to take Christ out of Christmas. This will take a little tweaking of the mythology. Santa and his elves live at the North Pole where they compile a list of who is naughty, who is nice, and who is Nicean. "