Thursday, July 19, 2007

Allegiances switch in Gilchrest-Harris race

As we have been speculating, two Anne Arundel delegates have announced their endorsement of Andy Harris against Wayne Gilchrest. The two newest supporters of the challenger Andy Harris are Delegate Steve Schuh (R-31) and Delegate James King (R-33a).

As reported by the Examiner both Schuh and King supported Gilchrest previously and, in King's case, were among the special guests for Congressman Gilchrest's recent fundraisers.

Will these switches of allegiance be a sign of strength for the challenger or dismissed as the Machiavellian positioning of ambitious politicians.

For consideration of the latter, let me submit the following from our friend Bud the Blogger before the announcement:

Kipke, Schuh and Dillon won't witch sides. They co-sponsored an event with
Gilchrest last week. All three have too much integrity to play both sides in
this race.

Enough said.

If you listened to the recent podcasts, you know we reported that Delegate King's camp was reaching out to Gilchrest to broker a deal for King's support in this race in return for Gilchrest's support of King for the 33 Senate seat in 2010. The report caused a bit of a stir and the heat from Delegate King's conservative backers apparently convinced him to switch sides.


Jerry Shandrowsky said...


Your link to the Examiner has Schuh supporting Gilchrest.

Greg Kline said...


That's the point. Last week Schuh was supporting Gilchrest this week he is supporting Harris. Same with King.

Jerry Shandrowsky said...

Yikes, I only followed the first link. I neglected to follow the switch of allegiance link. Though I am no fan of Gilchrest, I am disappointed Schuh would back out of an endorsement. On the surface, it smells of someone who is only swayed by the political winds.

This primary has the potential to be ugly. It may be smart for all elected officials to steer clear of this race all together.

David K. Kyle said...

Watch for another one.

David K. Kyle said...

Watch out for another one!

ArtDowns said...

Wayne has enjoyed blind partisan support in spite of his voting record and he needs a return to the real world.

A glance at him suggests a limited cranial capacity and a talk with him confirms it.

He will do anything to keep the best paying job that he has ever had and nothing will be too dirty.

His support for any candidate in AA county would be worthless and could be the kiss of death.

Wayne is for Wayne and his political career may be on the wane. His defeat in the Primary might 'encourage some others'.