Sunday, July 15, 2007

Representin' on the Right

Funny how it takes a liberal politician starting a blog before the mainstream media realizes there is political blogosphere here in Anne Arundel County.

For the Capital it was Councilman Josh Cohen's blog. They ignored that other points of view may be out there.

Now the Sun has figured it out. In today's Arundel section, the Sun reports on the growing blogosphere here in the county. The Refuge is mentioned prominently and, if you did not know better, one might think it was the only conservative blog in the county. (The Sun never contacted me about the story.)

While I would love to have people think that, it is not true. I link to other local bloggers here and feature them on the Conservative Refuge podcast (which is a far better listen then Mayor Moyer's lefty-fueled rantings).

We will keep fighting the good fight in the blogosphere on the right.


Brian Griffiths said...

I have a feeling that my use of the Sun as a piƱata from time to time probably has something to do with it. But when you consider that there are at least half a dozen conservatives blogs in the county, it seems that somebody cared not to do their homework...

Mike Netherland said...

I give the Sun more credit the Kapital. The reporter who covered the School Board petition's demise, had to dig to find my cell-phone number. She said she was aware of our blogging. So they know we are here.

I think we should approach our blogging with some amusement knowing that "they" are reading; that our commentary, while unattributed, might be showing up in their reporting.